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" We train to make
gains, not to maintain."

-Jeremy Russotti
Welcome to Jeremy Russotti's Skill Training U Certification Program - Bringing the foundation of individual and team successes to the forefront of coaching clinics.  Jeremy founded Skill Training U in 2012 in order to provide an angle to coaching clinics that are rarely addressed - Skill Development. 

The event now can also be watched ON DEMAND from your own home. The Live Video Stream was professionally done (2 camera, microphone and mixer), and brings Jeremy Russotti's curriculum to your own home. Click Here to view more info.

Far to often coaching clinics include successful college, NBA, or high school coaches that have one-hour each to speak about a topic. The always start their talk on how players win championships and without really good players, strategy is irrelevant.   However, even though they know player development is the key to their successes, they end up spending most of that hour talking about their past season, how they run their program, how to deal with players, recruiting, X's and O's, or motivational stories.  Now there is finally a coaching clinic where the key to basketball is addressed - Skill Training U!

Skill Training U consists of 14 hours of on court instruction, coinciding with a 34+-page syllabus, geared towards developing all facets of basketball teams and individual players.  Jeremy Russotti is one of the rare trainers incorporating concepts such biomechanics and science into his player development training curriculum.


October 19th-20th (Dixon, CA) Click here to Sign up
Spring 2014 (Seattle, Washington)
Spring 2014 (Winston-Salem, NC)
  CLICK HERE to visit www.skilltrainingu.com