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" We train to make
gains, not to maintain."

-Jeremy Russotti

Prolific Prep is the first of its kind basketball academy founded in Northern California in 2014. It is a unique opportunity for a serious student-athlete to be immersed in an environment of unmatched basketball training (game-style practice, basketball development, and athletic training) accompanied by world-class college-prep academics.

Essentially, Prolific Prep provides a college-preparatory education on and off the basketball court while transforming the athlete in reaching its fullest potential. The ultimate goal will be to recruit elite high school basketball players who are also great students and offer them an environment whereby academic standards are not sacrificed in the name of athletic excellence. Known as “Pro Prep” for short, Prolific Prep includes an international boarding facility, merging the top players from the USA with national level players abroad.

Our model not only augments the quality of service delivery but also aligns ALL activities in one location under a single organizational structure. Our collaborative efforts ensures a highly successful program that will travel and compete against other top institutions around the country. The net result is a comprehensive, efficiently managed and highly respected program that can mentor gifted athletes from high school to college, continuing through their professional careers.

For more information, please visit our website at www.prolificprep.org
  To find out more information, or to book dates in advance, please call
(707) 849-1212, or email info@jglove.com. 

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