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" We train to make
gains, not to maintain."

-Jeremy Russotti
“Jeremy is one of the nation’s top basketball skills instructors and shooting experts. He has a tremendous passion for the game, years of quality experience, and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend his products and services to any coach or player looking to take their game to the next level.”
Alan Stein-- Nike Official Basketball Body Conditioning Trainer
"Jeremy is one of the top skill trainers in the country. Players gravitate towards his style which is a testament on how unique his style can be for the highest level of players."
Josh Pastner - Memphis University Head Coach
"Jeremy's Green Room Training is one of the highest quality development programs in the world! Whether you are an NBA player or an aspiring varsity high school player, you can not leave a workout run by Jeremy and not have gotten better. His techniques, drills, and knowledge of the game of basketball is second to none. He incorporates all the most relevant and important aspect of being a true 'basketball' player into his training and develops each players individual skills through his rigorous program that is not only challenging but practical. And to top it off, he is always evolving and constantly looking at new ways to make you the best player you can be. For us at Pro One Sports, you can't ask for anything more than that from a trainer. Jeremy is truly in a class of his own."
Jordan Brewer, Director of Basketball Ops. & Player Representative Pro One Sports Management, Inc.
"Jeremy Russotti is an incredible trainer. His intensity level and knowledge of the game separates him from others in this industry. Anyone that works with him is in for a treat."
Calvin Andrews - Vice President BDA Sports Management
It's easy to find superlatives that describe why Jeremy is such a great trainer. His workouts are innovative, demanding, varied, game simulating and skill specific. They expanded and improved my son's skill set tremendously. However, what separates him from other "great" trainers is how he inspired and challenged Tyler with his intimate knowledge of the finer details of every aspect of the game and how to improve on them. He really got him ready for his freshman year in college."
Pat Gaffaney (Father - Branson High School)
"I have followed Jeremy these past few years and haven't been suprised on how far he has come since training Josh Akognon. He is probably the best up and coming trainers in the country!"
Michael Schwartz - University of Miami Assistant Coach
"Jeremy Russotti has an outstanding record of training basketball athletes to compete at the highest level of college and professional basketball. We recommend all of our players to work with him."
Louis Reynaud - Associate Head Coach - RICE University

I had heard a lot about Jeremy and been very impressed with the Millennium Series DVDs. That being said, Jeremy was even better in person with our players. Jeremy was able to customize his teachings to our teams' skill level and system. The guys could tell immediately he was a master of teaching the game, listened intently as a result and absorbed everything he taught. Last season, Jeremy was only with us for a couple hours, but his teaching stayed with us all season and helped us become a better team. Nobody does it better than Jeremy Russotti and we have brought him back 3 times already just this year!
Randy Bessolo (University High School and Bay Area Warriors) (415) 418-4568

"I was really impressed with the training Jeremy and Phil provided for my son and nephew. They really enjoyed it and got great workouts. Their enthusiasm gets the best out of the kids, while teaching them new skills and drills to make them better."
BobbyJackson (SacramentoKings)      
"Jeremy is the best clinician and trainer if you want your players to reach their potential. He has great knowledge and couples that with equal enthusiasm that motivates kids to break through their comfort zone and really improve their offensive skills. His team clinics is very motivational and key to our staff for professional development. I would highly recommend his team clinics and training aids."
Paul Alioto -- Palma High School Head coach