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  1% CLUB Basketball is the nation's leaders in offering its unique curriculum for grades K-12. These year around training programs will no doubt guarantee you the results you have been looking for with your son or daughter. The curriculum is cutting edge, age-appropriate, progressive, yet challenging, utilizing some of the top training equipment on the market.

Our motto is "Train for Gains, not to maintain!" Let our K-12 skill training programs help you reach your son or daughters potential gains.  Click below on the "Napa Valley Area Training" link below for our year-around classes. Also see our "Green Room Training" side bar link for our highest level training summer program.



“I really was impressed with the training Phil and Jeremy provided for my son and nephew. They really enjoyed it and got great workouts from the 6-week sessions. Coach Doherty enthusiasm gets the best out of the kids, while teaching them new skills and drills to make them better.”            
                                                 -Bobby Jackson (NBA - SAC Kings)



What makes 1% CLUB Training Program different? 
The answer is very simple.  Our progressive, age-appropriate, challenging curriculum, mixed with our functional training aids.  Jeremy Russotti is the inventor of some of the top training aids used throughout the NBA/NCAA to CYO programs.  This includes the J-Glove Shooting Aid, V-Bands (Velocity Bands), and O-Bands (resistive bands).  Therefore, your son and daughter will be training with the same equipment used with his professional athletes in his "Green Room Training Program".  To purchase these training aids, click here.