Basketball Basket: What’s your choice and What’s you’ve learnt

Well I’ll be tickled pink; the basketball basket I ordered from came a lot earlier than I expected. If you’ve read my other blog posts then you’re aware that I’d assemble and report on what I thought of the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court adjustable basketball basket.

Right off the bat I want to tell you that I’m impressed with the basketball basket. I expected a quality product and I do believe that Lifetime delivered on that. The 44-inch backboard seems very sturdy and looks like it’ll hold up to the weather well.

The assembly was pretty basic and fairly easy. I’ve built and fixed things all my life so this assembly was a no-brainer to me. I don’t think that there were even ten parts to put together. So if you’re concerned about assembling the Lifetime basketball basket, don’t.

I bought sand to fill the 27 gallon base but I tried filling the base with water first to see how well the water would do at weighing down the hoop. I’m glad I bought the sand because the water didn’t do that great of a job at keeping the hoop upright. It would be pretty easy for my oldest grandson to pull the basketball basket down on his-self.

After I drained the water I filled the base with the sand (which was a lot more difficult than assembling the darn thing) I bought and it did a much better job at keeping the basketball basket from tipping over. Even though the sand did a pretty good job I might put some cinder blocks on the base or find a way to spike down the base for added support to keep the hoop from being pulled down.

The wheels seem to be quality as well. I rolled the basketball basket around before and after I filled the base with water then sand and the wheels performed great under both circumstances. The only problem I might run into is not being able to wheel all that weight around a couple times a month so I’ll have to have my sons move the hoop around when they come to visit. Getting old has its advantages and disadvantages.

The actual hoop or rim is pretty nice too. It’s made with solid steel so it’s harder to bend or break. There isn’t a spring on the rim to help with impact when someone dunks the basketball but that’s ok because I’d rather have the rigidity incase the hoop falls. One thing I heard that having a hoop with a spring in it is that over time the spring loosens and the hoop doesn’t stay straight, it begins to sag.

My grandkids aren’t old enough to really do any “hang” damage so I think the solid steel rim and hoop will be a better option for what I need. Even if I decide to change the hoop or rim in the future it will be really easy to swap it out.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court adjustable basketball basket. Maybe I better write another review in a year after the grandkids get a hold of the basketball basket and test its durability.

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